Apollo for Reddit Bids Farewell with Final Update

In a bittersweet turn of events, Apollo for Reddit, the popular Reddit client, concludes its journey today with the release of its final update. Developer Christian, who poured nine years of passion and dedication into building this exceptional app, took a moment to express gratitude to the devoted users and supporters who made the Apollo experience truly remarkable.

Reflecting on the nostalgia of a last day at summer camp, Christian reminisced about the incredible journey of creating Apollo. Beginning shortly after completing university and an internship at Apple, the developer set out to craft a Reddit app that would rival the quality of an Apple creation. Though the initial version had its rough edges, the app steadily evolved thanks to the invaluable feedback and support from an amazing community of users.

Christian emphasized the genuine appreciation he felt for the Apollo community. Throughout the nine-year development process, he never experienced burnout, as the energy and enjoyment derived from building the app in collaboration with the passionate users were immeasurable. Christian acknowledged the immense value of actively listening to the community’s needs, which significantly simplified product development by eliminating the need for guesswork, A/B tests, and focus groups. In fact, Christian had personally engaged in over 20,000 comments within the subreddit, a testament to his dedication.

The developer expressed heartfelt disappointment over the manner in which the app’s journey came to an end. While initially optimistic about Reddit’s intentions to support developers, moderators, and the community as a whole, Christian admitted that his trust had been misplaced. Reddit’s actions revealed a lack of sincerity, as they failed to foster an environment that truly accommodated everyone’s needs. Christian offered his sincere apologies to those, including himself, who abruptly lost access to Apollo due to the unfolding circumstances. He lamented the missed opportunities to further enhance the app’s capabilities.

However, despite the disheartening turn of events, Christian found solace in the sentiment of “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” The developer acknowledged the immense personal growth achieved through the Apollo project, forging connections with extraordinary individuals, making lifelong friends, attending multiple Worldwide Developer Conferences (WWDCs), and even receiving features in some notable events. Working on a beloved product and platform for nearly a decade was an incredible accomplishment that left Christian feeling grateful.

Amidst the farewell, Christian took the opportunity to highlight a few other endeavors he has been working on and encouraged users to extend their support if they appreciated his work. The final update includes entertaining easter eggs, tidying up loose ends for the closure, additional wallpapers for the “Goodbye Apollo” collection, and the option to export Pixel Pals to a separate Pixel Pals app, which carries a delightful easter egg for Apollo users.

Christian also mentioned the availability of the “Goodbye Apollo” Wallpaper set, featuring over 20 stunning designs by Apollo’s icon designers. Users could find these wallpapers in the app itself or purchase them online to cherish the memory of Apollo for years to come. Furthermore, Christian introduced his Pixel Pals app, now his primary focus, which extends the fun pixel pals functionality of Apollo and offers a range of exciting features to customize iOS devices. Support for this new venture would be immensely appreciated.

Additionally, Christian made a humble request to those with active monthly or yearly subscriptions to consider declining the automatic refund. Although the remaining amount may seem insignificant on an individual basis, the cumulative cost to developers, such as Christian, becomes burdensome. The unexpected expenses were particularly challenging since Reddit had previously shown promising signs of equitable API pricing, only to alter their plans later on.

For those who wished to express direct support, Christian provided options for tipping via PayPal. Regrettably, Venmo and Cashapp were not available, but the developer welcomed any contributions towards his ongoing work. Christian also mentioned that Apollo merchandise was still available for purchase, and users could utilize the code “RIP” Apollo to enjoy a 10% discount and free shipping on comfortable shirts.

Amidst the farewells and announcements, Christian took a moment to share his excitement about an elusive project—the mythical iPad app. This ambitious endeavor, inspired by Loren Brichter’s Twitter for iPad app from over a decade ago, had posed the most significant programming challenge in Christian’s career. Although circumstances prevented its release, he promised to share screenshots later that evening, giving users a glimpse into the innovative interface that would have allowed effortless navigation through stacks of content.

In conclusion, Christian expressed deep gratitude to the community that had embraced and supported Apollo over the years. The journey of developing Apollo had been a dream come true, and regardless of the path he chooses next, whether it be Pixel Pals or another project altogether, Christian pledged to strive for excellence that measures up to Apollo’s legacy.

While his future presence on Reddit remained uncertain, Christian invited users to stay connected through Twitter and Mastodon, ensuring that the bonds forged during the Apollo era would endure.

In an unexpected turn of events, Reddit pulled the plug prematurely, causing Apollo to experience crashing issues. However, Christian promptly revoked his token manually, resolving the crashing problem. As a result, Apollo users could still access the app for a few more hours before it transitioned automatically into a commemorative mode, a final homage to the app that had captivated its loyal user base until the very end.

As the curtain falls on the Apollo chapter, the heartfelt appreciation from Christian and the devoted community remains a testament to the impact and significance of this remarkable Reddit client. Although the journey may have reached its conclusion, the memories, friendships, and lessons learned through Apollo will undoubtedly endure for years to come.