Apollo Introduces New Update Allowing Users to Opt Out of Automatic Refunds

In a groundbreaking move, Christian, the mastermind behind the popular Apollo app, has just released a highly anticipated update that empowers users with remaining subscription time to choose whether they want to receive automatic refunds. This significant development, reminiscent of similar changes implemented by Tweetbot and Twitterrific earlier this year, allows users to exercise more control over their subscriptions.

One of the remarkable aspects of this update is that the refund costs incurred by developers will be paid out-of-pocket, amounting to an estimated $250,000. Christian takes a moment to express his heartfelt gratitude to those who decide to decline their refunds, acknowledging the generosity and support from the Apollo community.

As an additional treat for users, Christian has collaborated with a talented group of designers to bring you the awe-inspiring “Goodbye Apollo Wallpaper Set.” This collection of mesmerizing wallpapers serves as a lasting memento of the beloved app, even after its closure. The proceeds from the sales of this extraordinary set will directly contribute to covering the refund costs. The collection includes a wide range of wallpapers suitable for phones, tablets, and desktops. For non-iOS users, the “Goodbye Apollo Wallpaper Set” is also available for purchase at the following link: [link to purchase].

Christian is keenly aware of the importance of user satisfaction and encourages individuals experiencing any difficulties with opting out of their refunds or accessing the wallpapers to reach out for assistance. Their feedback and support are invaluable in ensuring a smooth transition during this period.

Moreover, Christian seizes this opportunity to unlock previously paid features within the app, enabling users to enjoy a comprehensive and enhanced Apollo experience. Additionally, more than a dozen new icons, originally slated for release over the next year, have been added for users’ delight. In a significant move, theming is now offered for free, further enhancing the app’s customization options.

For those unaware of Apollo’s imminent closure, Christian assures users that they can continue using the app for a few more days. However, if this news comes as a surprise, an informative post detailing the upcoming shutdown on June 30th can be found for further reference.

The latest Apollo update, equipped with the option to decline automatic refunds, not only emphasizes user choice but also showcases Christian’s commitment to the Apollo community. With the release of the captivating “Goodbye Apollo Wallpaper Set” and the addition of new features, Apollo users can savor their remaining time with the app and reflect upon the incredible journey they have had. Christian’s dedication to delivering an outstanding user experience remains unwavering, ensuring that Apollo will be fondly remembered by all.


About Apollo: Apollo is a revolutionary app that has transformed the Reddit browsing experience. Developed by Christian Selig, Apollo offers a seamless and intuitive interface, providing users with an enhanced platform to engage with the Reddit community. Offering a wide range of features and customization options, Apollo has gained a devoted following and continues to deliver an exceptional user experience.

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