More communities join reddit protest, some to extend indefinitely

In response to the recent changes to the Reddit API, several communities on the platform have chosen to make their communities private as a form of protest. These communities, in an act of solidarity and dissent, have extended their decision to remain private indefinitely. By doing so, they intend to send a strong message to Reddit Inc. about their dissatisfaction with the API changes and the perceived impact on their communities.

While the list of private communities is subject to change and may vary over time, it is worth noting that these communities are taking a collective stand by indefinitely extending their protest. Here are some examples of subreddits that have made the decision to remain private:

1 r/Apple

2 r/unpopularopinion

3 r/StardewValley

4 r/Philippines

5 r/PersonalFinance

6 r/NonCredibleDefense

The decision to extend their protest indefinitely underscores the determination of these communities to defend their values, autonomy, and the unique dynamics they have fostered over time. By keeping their communities private, they aim to preserve the integrity of their discussions and interactions, while asserting their right to control access to their content.

As the situation evolves, it is important to stay informed about the latest developments and announcements from both Reddit Inc. and the affected communities. The decision of these communities to extend their protest indefinitely highlights the depth of their concerns and their commitment to advocating for change. It remains to be seen how this prolonged protest will impact Reddit’s platform and its relationship with its user base.

It is advisable to monitor updates from these communities and Reddit as a whole to gauge any potential shifts or resolutions that may arise from the ongoing protest.

Know more communities joining the protest? Feel free to post in the comments below. If you own said community, feel free to engage with your users here instead of reddit.