Why I’m doing this, State of Reddit Address

State of Reddit Address (SORA)

Hello and good day. If you have stumbled upon this site on accident, you might be wondering why I’m doing this. And it’s simple. Reddit, as much as we hate it, or love it, has been a big part of our internet culture. To see it change drastically overnight, causing massive strife is a sight that I did not expect to see . For me, I saw reddit as a constant, this monolith of free speech and discussions in the internet. But all that is shattered with just one stupid . This site is thus made to document anything related to the ongoing controversy. Whether you want to leave the platform is up to you. But this blog aims to document as much as I can in the event that reddit does a massive crack down on anti-reddit posts and related content. At least with this site, I am doing my most simplest part in documenting and archiving whatever I could. So if you like the idea of archiving and the news related to this topic, feel free contribute and make some noise. Because we need more and more people to be aware of what’s going on with reddit. That’s all and have a nice day.