Moving on from Lemmy to Kbin: Launching r/KbinMigration & New User Guide!

Why Kbin and ActivityPub?

In recent times, a growing concern has emerged regarding Lemmy and its founders’ stance on human rights and oppression. This realization has led many to reassess their support for Lemmy and seek alternative platforms that prioritize openness, decentralization, and user rights. Enter Kbin, a platform that caught the attention of the community. Here’s why:

During the search for alternatives, various options were explored, both new and familiar. While some Nostr-based Reddit-like clients existed, they fell short in terms of active development and essential features like subreddits and moderator tools. On the other hand, well-known alternatives such as Tildes had their own limitations, like centralization and invite-only access. Closed-source platforms like FlingUp resembled Reddit too closely, while decentralized options like struggled with execution. P2P alternatives like Aether were intriguing but abandoned, and Plebbit’s demo had long loading times and a subpar Reddit-like UI. The average user also found complexities with things like usernames as crypto domains based on Ethereum.

In this exploration, ActivityPub and Kbin emerged as promising solutions. ActivityPub, being a mature and established protocol predating Nostr and other alternatives, garnered attention. It has a vibrant community outside big tech platforms like Reddit and Twitter. Although some believe ActivityPub-based platforms are harder for average users due to server selection, with proper guidance, users find it as straightforward as email. Nostr-based alternatives may be easy to implement, but unnecessary crypto-involved mechanisms complicate the user experience.

Considering ActivityPub, Kbin stood out as a favorable choice. Not only does it address the concerns surrounding Lemmy, but it also offers a mature user interface despite being a relatively new project. Kbin combines the best aspects of Mastodon and Lemmy, allowing users to micro-blog individually and participate in community threads. Federation, facilitated by ActivityPub, becomes crucial in competing with a giant like Reddit. Moreover, Kbin’s appeal to the average user surpasses that of Lemmy, which can often be perceived as more suited for tech enthusiasts. Despite sharing the same protocol, Kbin has greater potential.

Introducing r/KbinMigration and a Guide for New Users

The transition from Lemmy to Kbin prompted the launch of rKbinMigration, following the same initiative taken with Lemmy and rLemmyMigration. However, this time, significant improvements have been made to both the subreddit and the accompanying guide promised in a previous post. The comprehensive guide addresses common questions users have about ActivityPub platforms, specifically focusing on Kbin. Updates to the guide are underway, and user feedback is actively sought to ensure all inquiries are addressed.

Notably, rKbinMigration faced a temporary ban from Reddit, raising concerns about censorship. To counter this, it is crucial for everyone to share this information and rally for the reinstatement of rKbinMigration, highlighting the increasing awareness of Reddit’s censorship practices.

The Redditor’s Guide to Navigating Kbin: A Step-by-Step Explanation

To make the transition to Kbin smoother, a step-by-step guide has been created, covering essential aspects of the platform. Whether you are an experienced Reddit user or new to online communities, this guide aims to provide a user-friendly experience. Here are the key points covered:

How to Join Kbin?

To join Kbin, follow these steps:

1 Visit Kbin’s homepage.

2 Click on “Instances” to see the available Kbin instances.

3 Choose an instance that suits your preferences and values.

Choosing an instance on Kbin is similar to selecting an email provider. Just as you can connect and send emails across different email providers, Kbin instances are interconnected, enabling seamless communication and engagement with users on other instances.

Using Kbin on Mobile

While dedicated mobile apps for Kbin are currently under development, you can still access Kbin on your mobile device using web apps. Here’s how:

•  For Android users, you can use the Chrome or Chromium browser, or alternatively, Firefox.

•  iOS users can access Kbin through Safari or the Webkit browser.

Web apps, also known as Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), function similarly to native applications but are accessed through your web browser.

Recommended Kbin Instances

Currently, there are two recommended instances:

1 This instance primarily caters to English-speaking users.

2 (recommended): While initially intended for Polish-speaking users, both the content and the user interface are predominantly in English. Hence, it is recommended that new users consider signing up on this instance, which also helps distribute the load from

3 or These instances have a slightly modified user interface focused on the Polish language, making them well-suited for Polish-speaking users.

As Kbin continues to grow, more instances will join the list, and we will ensure the guide remains updated with the latest information.

Customizing Your Kbin Experience

Kbin offers built-in customization options that allow you to personalize your experience. To access these options, refer to the sidebar, which contains various settings and preferences. We highly recommend exploring these options to tailor Kbin according to your preferences.

Magazines and Threads: Kbin’s Equivalent to Subreddits

In Kbin, communities are referred to as “Magazines,” and posts within these communities are called “Threads.” This terminology aligns with the familiar structure of subreddits on Reddit, providing a comparable user experience.

Kbin’s Reputation Points System

Similar to Reddit’s karma system, Kbin utilizes a reputation points system to recognize user contributions. You can view your reputation points by accessing your profile.

Future Updates for the Guide

To enhance the guide and address any further questions or concerns, several updates are planned, including:

•  Optional Table of Contents: As the guide expands and more questions arise, an optional table of contents will be included to enhance navigation and accessibility.

•  Moderator and Community Management: The importance of community moderation and management is recognized. In future updates, specific guidance will be provided, addressing questions related to moderators, community creation, and management on Kbin.

•  Mobile App Update: Once the dedicated mobile apps for Kbin are launched, the guide will be updated to include detailed instructions on how to utilize the apps for both Android and iOS users.

User feedback is greatly appreciated and encouraged. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions, as they will be taken into consideration for the guide’s improvement.

Together, let’s make the transition to Kbin a smooth and positive experience, embracing a platform that upholds openness, decentralization, and user rights. Join r/KbinMigration, share the guide, and let’s ensure that our voices are heard.