Reddit Communities Continue Indefinite Blackout Amid Pricing Dispute

Dozens of popular Reddit communities have extended their blackout indefinitely, as a resolution remains elusive in a pricing dispute. The initial protest, intended to last for 48 hours, aimed to compel Reddit’s CEO to reconsider charges imposed on third-party app developers. These charges have already resulted in the closure of the Apollo app, which can … Read more

Tildes: Embracing the Spirit of Collaboration and Unix Enthusiasm | On the Search for Reddit Alternatives 

Introduction: In the vast landscape of social media platforms, where centralized control and algorithmic influence reign supreme, an alternative that fosters community, collaboration, and the spirit of Unix has emerged: Tildes. This article delves into the world of Tildes, exploring its origins, its emphasis on engagement, and the diverse opportunities it offers for like-minded individuals … Read more

Exploring the Lemmyverse as an alternative to Reddit: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding and Subscribing to Thriving Lemmy Communities

Lemmy is a federated alternative to Reddit that was launched in 2019. It has gained popularity as an open-source platform with funding support from NLNet, Open Collective, Patreon, and Librapay, allowing for continuous development and improvement. How to Find Lemmy Communities Unlike Reddit, Lemmy’s code is open-source under the AGPL license, which ensures transparency and … Read more

Introducing Snowball Project: A Work in Progress FOSS Alternative to Reddit

In a world dominated by social media giants, the need for open-source and community-driven platforms has never been greater. Recognizing this demand, a dedicated group of volunteers has undertaken an ambitious initiative to create Snowball Project, a free and open-source alternative to Reddit. Although still a work in progress, the project aims to provide a … Read more

Moving on from Lemmy to Kbin: Launching r/KbinMigration & New User Guide!

Why Kbin and ActivityPub? In recent times, a growing concern has emerged regarding Lemmy and its founders’ stance on human rights and oppression. This realization has led many to reassess their support for Lemmy and seek alternative platforms that prioritize openness, decentralization, and user rights. Enter Kbin, a platform that caught the attention of the … Read more

The Next Steps for Reddit Protests: An Appeal to Advertisers and Holding Reddit Accountable

In recent weeks, Reddit has faced a wave of protests as volunteer moderators express their deep concerns over the platform’s conduct and lack of accessibility. The ongoing blackouts and disruptions have prompted these moderators to call upon advertisers to reconsider their collaboration with Reddit. This article delves into the issues raised by the moderators, outlines … Read more