Google Search Users Express Discontent During Reddit Blackout

In the midst of Reddit users protesting the recent changes to the platform’s API, an unexpected side effect emerged: Google Search users voiced their dissatisfaction with the search engine. Leaked audio recordings obtained by CNBC revealed that Prabhakar Raghavan, Google’s senior vice president of Search, acknowledged the discontent of users during a company-wide meeting. The … Read more

Apollo Introduces New Update Allowing Users to Opt Out of Automatic Refunds

In a groundbreaking move, Christian, the mastermind behind the popular Apollo app, has just released a highly anticipated update that empowers users with remaining subscription time to choose whether they want to receive automatic refunds. This significant development, reminiscent of similar changes implemented by Tweetbot and Twitterrific earlier this year, allows users to exercise more … Read more

Reddit Bounces Back: User Traffic Returns to Normal Amidst Protests

Reddit’s user traffic is bouncing back to normal levels after a brief dip last week during protests aimed at challenging the social media platform. SimilarWeb, an internet traffic provider, reports that user visits and time spent on Reddit have “recovered to near-normal levels” since the start of the protests. It seems that users have either … Read more

Reddit Communities Continue Indefinite Blackout Amid Pricing Dispute

Dozens of popular Reddit communities have extended their blackout indefinitely, as a resolution remains elusive in a pricing dispute. The initial protest, intended to last for 48 hours, aimed to compel Reddit’s CEO to reconsider charges imposed on third-party app developers. These charges have already resulted in the closure of the Apollo app, which can … Read more

Introducing Snowball Project: A Work in Progress FOSS Alternative to Reddit

In a world dominated by social media giants, the need for open-source and community-driven platforms has never been greater. Recognizing this demand, a dedicated group of volunteers has undertaken an ambitious initiative to create Snowball Project, a free and open-source alternative to Reddit. Although still a work in progress, the project aims to provide a … Read more