On Why the Reddit Blackouts Matter

The Reddit Blackout: Uniting for Platform Integrity and User Empowerment The Reddit platform has long served as a bastion of open discussion, community engagement, and the free exchange of ideas. However, recent controversies surrounding Reddit’s policies and moderation practices have sparked calls for a Reddit blackout—a collective action aimed at raising awareness and demanding change. … Read more

Apollo shuts down in June 30th in light of reddit API changes; A massive blackout commence in protests

Apollo App is a third-party mobile application designed for browsing and interacting with the Reddit platform. It is available for both iOS and Android devices and offers an alternative interface and feature set compared to the official Reddit mobile app. Apollo is known for its user-friendly design, customization options, and additional functionalities that enhance the … Read more

The Reddit API protests and why you should care

The New Reddit API Policies: Stifling Innovation and Hurting Users Reddit, a vibrant community-driven platform, has long been celebrated for its ability to foster innovation and connect users through its vast ecosystem. However, recent changes to Reddit’s API (Application Programming Interface) policies have sparked concerns among developers and users alike. This article aims to shed … Read more